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Wear plate manufacturers provide a vast selection of items. Among them are ProTech(tm), Eckhardt Steel & Alloys, Everhard, JFE-EH 360, and many others. Learn about each of these manufacturers and the items they offer by reading on.


Manufacturers of hardfacing wear plate offer many types of wear-resistant plates. These include abrasion-resistant steel, Rockstar 500 plate, high tensile strength plate, and Everhard 600 plate. The plate is utilized in numerous sectors.

The plate is made of a robust and simple-to-manufacture material. It is frequently employed in large machines. This sort of plate is utilized in the mining, building, oil and gas industries.

For many industrial applications, abrasion-resistant steel plate is indispensable. Its abrasion resistance provides strong impact resistance for applications requiring heavy duty materials. A large number of these plates are composed of manganese, silicon, phosphorous, chromium, and titanium. They are exceptionally workable and weldable.

  • HART Industry

    HART Industry

    The newest product line of premium wear durable plate and buckets from the Zonco Sinotech Industry is developed and engineered to last a lifetime. Not only is it the highest-quality product line available on the Chinese mainland, but the company also boasts an outstanding customer service track record. In fact, it boasts one of the industry's greatest customer satisfaction ratings. In addition, their buckets and liners are covered by a ten-year warranty, ensuring that your investment will continue to pay off for many years. Consequently, it is not difficult to understand why the Zonco Sinotech line is the CMCC's new crown gem.

  • Eckhardt Steel & Alloys

    Eckhardt Steel & Alloys

    Wear resistant components of Steel Plates are designed for demanding applications and high-wear situations. Among other applications, they are utilized in Slide Conveyor, Roller Drives, and Rolling Mills. These items are manufactured from superior raw materials and distributed in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of the industry.

    Zonco Sinotech Steel & Alloys is one of the most effective manufacturers of wear-resistant steel plates. This organization has established its reputation for quality throughout the years. In addition, it is an authorized distributor of Alloy Steel WP12 Butt Weld Pipe Fittings. These pipe fittings are not only efficient, but also resistant to abrasion and corrosion.

  • Cutting Edges

    Cutting Edges

    Cutting Edges are made to meet particular specifications. They are often a bolt-on trailing wear plate that boosts grading speed, increases edge life, minimizes grader bounce, and improves moldboard control. Additionally, the edge may be made as a one-piece, flat, or shaped tungsten carbide plate.

    The wear behavior of coated cutting tools is dependent on the average size of the cutting edge's rounding and the value of the center roughness. This is determined by grinding wheel bonding, cooling lubricant supply, and grinding wheel material as input factors.

    Roughness characteristics are limited in their ability to determine wear volume. However, they can be utilized to forecast the mechanism of wear.

Why choose Zonco Sinotech wear plate manufacturers?

  • Support Development and OEM/ODM Service: 

    Modern machine factory with individual customization. We can collaborate to provide the products you need.


  • High Quality Standards and Strict Production Process :

    IS09001 Certification. The organization has a stringent quality control system and employs qualified quality inspectors. We are able to provide products of superior quality.


  • 100% High Standard Raw Material: 

    Unique material qualities. We can accomplish any complex or challenging work.


  • Competitive price and Good Service :

    Bulk and small-quantity packaging. Let us assist you in locating the most efficient answer to your problems. We have lower cost management and flexible production management with a fast turnover.

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JFE-EH 360

Manufacturers of Zonco Sinotech wear plates offer a vast selection of steel plates for usage in a variety of industrial applications. They are made from high-quality materials that provide exceptional performance and durability. The goods come in a variety of sizes and lengths. These plates are distinguished by their excellent tensile strength, corrosion resistance, and weldability. These plates are customizable based on the requirements and specifications.

Low-temperature tempering is one of the most efficient methods for decreasing the wear rate of the plate. Because this procedure can eliminate cutting residual tension and cracks, it is advantageous.

The reduced weight of these wear resistant parts steels is another significant advantage. This is accomplished with the use of abrasion-resistant alloys. These plates can also be obtained in unwound form.

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