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Various sizes Plug head

In terms of plugs which are electric you can find a range of sizes, forms, and types available. This really is certainly stable whether you're wanting to plug in a appliance that is little saw, or charge your smartphone or laptop, selecting probably the most appropriate Zonco Sinotech Plug head in Pump dimensions are important to guarantee a protected and connection

Standard US Plug Head

The United States that is Plug head in Valve from Zonco Sinotech that is standard also called the type A plug, is positively the most variety that is typical of mind found in the united states. It features two blades that are flat with all the smaller blade being neutral and the larger blade being live. These plugs can be handy for electrical devices that require equally as much as 120 volts AC.

America this might be plug that is certainly standard usually ranked at 15 amps and works closely with with standard US outlets that are electrical that are typically rated at 120 volts and 60 Hz. Many appliances for the kitchen, such as for instance lamps, TVs, and kitchen this will be certainly small, employ this type or form of plug head.

  • Standard UK Plug Head

    Standard UK Plug Head

    The UK that is Fine Grinding Plug head of Zonco Sinotech that is standard also understood because the Type G plug, can be seen in the UK, Ireland, and other nations that follow Uk standards. It features three blades that are rectangular a triangular pattern, most loaded in effective two blades being live and also the bottom blade being neutral. Additionally, Great Britain plug features a fuse offering you security this is certainly additional.

    The United Kingdom that is plug that is standard at 13 amps and it's also ideal for standard UK outlets that are electric which are rated at 230 volts and 50 Hz. This kind of plug mind is generally helpful for electrical appliances, such as for instance personal computers, TVs, and gaming consoles.

  • Plug this is certainly standard that is European

    Plug this is certainly standard that is European

    The Durable Plug head in Pump of Zonco Sinotech that is standard is European, also known as the type C plug, is utilized generally in most countries in Europe. It features two metal this is certainly circular that are 19mm apart, and tend to be designed to accommodate straight into a socket this is certainly circular. Some variants for the plug this is certainly European have two additional pins which can be flat grounding purposes.

    The plug this is certainly mainstream is European rated at 2.5 amps and it's also appropriate standard European outlets that are electrical that are rated at 230 volts and 50 Hz. This kind of plug head is usually used for low-power devices, such as for instance phones that can be smart pills, and computer this is certainly laptop.

  • Standard Australian Plug Head

    Standard Australian Plug Head

    The Durable Plug head in Valve that is standard is Australian, also referred to as the sort we plug, is employed in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, plus some Pacific area countries. It features two slanted pins that are flat like the US plug, and a pin this is certainly vertical is grounding that is flat.

    The plug that is standard is Australian ranked at 10 amps and it's suitable with standard Australian outlets that are electrical that are rated at 230 volts and 50 Hz. This type of plug head is normally utilized for electric appliances and items, such as TVs, computers, and video gaming systems.

Why choose Zonco Sinotech Various sizes Plug head?

  • Custom manufacturing according to drawings provided and NO MOQ limits

    Zonco specialized manufacturing steel and tungsten carbide various sizes Plug head totally line the customer's drawings, and maintains precise tolerance. We also help customers create sketches. Sales and technical support can provide fast professional service and technical assistance. We can supply MWD parts APS different sizes (2.5", 3.44", 4,125" and 5.25"). support sample order 1-2pcs and NO MOQ limits.

  • High quality standards and Strict size and quality inspection before shipping

    Our factory ISO9001 certified (CNAS audited). The company a strict quality control system and professional quality inspectors, such the various sizes Plug head of process and raw material excellent quality and high-quality and all products satisfy exceed customer's requirements.

  • Competitive prices with 20-30% saved or more

    We a manufacturer carbide A one-stop solution procurement various sizes Plug head delivered finished components. We offer significant cost advantage and will offer low prices, with 20% 30 percent savings.

  • Flexible production management with shorter delivery time

    We more flexible our various sizes Plug head flow than major company. If you pressing request, we prioritize production. To accommodate customer demands, delivery time cut down.

5. Twist-Lock Plug head

The twist-lock Spray Plug head in Valve are made to produce a web link this will be high-power that is certainly safe that are electrical such as for instance power tools and appliances which can be big. A twist-lock is made available from it procedure that ensures the plug stays securely when you yourself have a review of the socket and even though these devices is moved around.


Twist-lock plug heads can be found in a quantity that is true of, including 15 amps to 50 amps, consequently they will certainly additionally be appropriate for particularly designed twist-lock outlets that are electrical. The greater amount of expensive sizes of twist-lock plug minds could be utilized in industrial settings, where gear this is certainly high-powered a connection and stable this is certainly safe.

USB Plug Head

The USB plug head is a kind of plug head that is often of use for charging you smartphones, tablets, and also other products that can be portable electronic. It comes down with a body this will be really rectangular a USB port on a end that is single a plug this is certainly standard within the other.


USB plug heads can be purchased in a wide range of types, much like the USB this can be Type-A that is definitely standard the USB Type-C, even though larger USB Type-B, that will be properly utilized with USB charging ports available on energy strips, wall surface outlets, and computers. This kind of plug head is rated as much as 5 volts that will be widely useful for low-power devices, such as for instance phones which can be smart pills, and e-readers.


Shopping for the plug head size that is most useful for the products that may be electrical crucial to ensure the right and connection this is really stable. Having many sizes which can be different forms, and types to select from, it is vital to match the plug glance at the specific requirements of your device that is respective also the outlet this really is really electrical might be connected to.


Whether you're using a US that is plug that is standard your household products or a twist-lock plug brain for your power tools, constantly stick to the maker's guidelines for proper security and employ. Combined with the plug this is certainly appropriate, you should make sure your products or services being electric safely and efficiently.

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