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We'll talk about the tungsten carbide stator in this blog post. This kind of material is frequently utilized in both production and manufacturing. We will discuss what it is, its advantages, and some of its disadvantages.

What is a tungsten carbide stator?

An electric motor termed a tungsten carbide rotor and stator employs tungsten carbide for its revolving internal parts, referred to as the armature or rotor. Due to its great strength and hardness, tungsten carbide is the perfect material for applications requiring excellent wear resistance and long life.

  • How is it made?

    How is it made?

    Equal amounts of tungsten and carbon atoms make up the chemical compound known as tungsten carbide. It is a fine gray powder in its purest form, but it may be crushed and shaped to be used in jewelry, cutting tools, abrasives, armor-piercing rounds, other tools, and industrial machinery.

    At a temperature of about 2,400 degrees Celsius, tungsten metal and carbon react to form tungsten carbide bush. The hardest known substance after diamond is created using this procedure. It also has a low coefficient of thermal expansion and is particularly wear resistant.

  • What are its benefits?

    What are its benefits?

    For stator applications, tungsten carbide is a versatile material that offers many advantages. It has high strength, excellent wear resistance, and good thermal conductivity. Additionally, tungsten carbide parts has a low coefficient of thermal expansion and is non-magnetic. Due to these characteristics, tungsten carbide is the perfect substance for use in stators.

  • How to use a tungsten carbide stator

    How to use a tungsten carbide stator

    Tungsten carbide is the material of choice if you want a stator that will last for a very long time. The substance tungsten carbide is incredibly durable and resistant to wear and tear. In high-wear applications like cutting tools and bearings, it is frequently used. A tungsten carbide stator requires the following tools for use:

    • A drill

    • the tap set

    • A drill bit set

    • Inserts with tungsten carbide.

    Start by using a tungsten carbide drill bit nozzles that is just a little bit smaller than the outside diameter of the tap set to drill a hole in the middle of the stator. The hole should then be threaded using the tap set. After cutting the threads, remove the tap and affix a Tungsten Carbide Insert to the hole. Finally, use a set of drill bits to enlarge the hole until it is slightly larger than the outer diameter of the insert.

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Tips for using a tungsten carbide stator

1. Always utilize the proper tools and safety equipment while using a tungsten carbide rotors and stator.

2. Be sure to thoroughly read and adhere to the manufacturer's directions.

3. Regularly check your tungsten carbide stator for damage, and replace it if necessary.

4. Always exercise caution while utilizing a tungsten carbide stator to prevent damage to the workpiece.

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