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GADROCK(r) sleeve

A GADROCK(r) shalf sleeve is made to withstand time, unlike many of its siblings. Standard sleeves are typically coated with a thin layer of hardened material and constructed from basic carbon steel. In practice, abrasive slurries can rapidly erode this sleeve and cause early failure. A GADROCK(r) half-sleeve is a tried-and-true answer to a typical issue.

The GADROCK(r) s half-sleeve is a useful addition to your toolbox even though it cannot completely replace your favorite power tools. Improved wear resistance, lower maintenance costs, and improved corrosion resistance are just a few advantages of the Gadrock(r) half-sleeve.

  • SRL Pump Ceramic Shaft Sleeve

    SRL Pump Ceramic Shaft Sleeve

    Goulds SRL Cage in Pump are offered in a variety of hardnesses, elastomers, and impellers and are designed for maximum dependability. For the best defense against abrasive slurries, they have a variety of shaft sleeves. These ceramic-coated sleeve surfaces offer excellent corrosion and wear resistance. Additionally, they have a lower coefficient of friction, which lengthens the life of the sleeves.

    A heavy-duty slurry pump, the Goulds SRL-C pump is typically used for applications involving slurries up to 1/4". (6.4mm). It is offered in natural elastomer and works well in mining, aggregate, and other industries. To ensure a long Bearing life, it has oil-lubricated bearings. Additionally, it comes with a selection of impeller choices, such as a closed impeller and a heavy-duty impeller.

    The Goulds SRL-XT pump is an extra thick pump with a 13mm solids handling capacity that was created for challenging applications. There are several elastomers available for it, including a soft natural rubber blend. It has a capacity of 10,000 GPM and 250 PSIG. For more flexible sealing, mechanical seals are also an option.

Why choose Zonco Sinotech shalf sleeve?

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