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There is no question that a choke bean with a high hardness has the capacity to withstand damage; nonetheless, it is essential that you have the necessary knowledge to ensure that you are able to employ it in the most effective manner possible. In this post, we are going to have a look at the things that you need to take into consideration before employing a high hardness choke bean. These things include how to prepare the internal surfaces and how to attach the bean adapter. Following that, we will go over how to properly maintain and repair the bean adapter so that it does not become corroded.

Damage sustained by the high hardness choke bean

The leaking of highly corrosive fluid that made contact with the bean adapter's exterior caused the high hardness Choke Bean adapter to experience damage. This damage was caused by the fluid coming into contact with the bean adapter's exterior. During the on-site examination, this was discovered to be the case. A scanning electron microscopy examination was performed on a representative metallographic specimen that was taken from the bean adapter that was not being used.

According to the morphology of the surface of the fracture, the break happened perpendicular to the direction in which the tangential stress was applied. In addition to this, it was discovered that the fracture was intergranular. When examined under a higher magnification, it was possible to make out grooves that were closely spaced and featured fine striations. These characteristics point to the possibility that the fracture was caused by the coalescence of microvoids in the material.

It was discovered that the oxidized surfaces of the bean adapter included a corrosion deposit in close proximity to the fracture surface. Inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectroscopy was the method that demonstrated this to be true (ICP-AES). The EDS spectra showed that there were only trace amounts of Ca, Si, Fe, and O.

  • Application of high hardness choke beans

    Application of high hardness choke beans

    Choke beans can withstand high pressures of up to 15000 psi for extended periods of time. Testing of wells, clean-up operations, and production manifolds are typical applications for these tools. They are constructed out of carbon steel and lined with tungsten carbide throughout the manufacturing process. Either a single flow bean or a permanent connection in series can be established between them.

    One of the most significant contributors to choke bean failure is abrasive wear. When a highly abrasive fluid comes into touch with an outside surface, this phenomenon takes place. There are three primary processes that contribute to abrasive wear. Abrasion, channeling, and compression are all examples of these processes.

    Carbon steel conforming to the specifications of AISI 1045 is used in the production of Spray Choke Bean adapters. A combination of ferrite and pearlite can be found in this type of metal. When used in oxidizing settings, there have been reports of it corroding.

    An assessment of the property revealed two distinct types of damage. To begin, there were fine striations on the surface of the bean adapter, as well as a corrosion product on the inside surface of the adapter, close to where it had fractured. Second, there were more fissures in the structure.

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