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Heat shrinkable sleeve

Heat shrinkable anti-corrosion sleeves are frequently used to coat pipes with protection. These sleeves have an adhesive coating to create a tight seal. These sleeves come in a variety of styles, materials, and sizes. Depending on the application, there are different ways that they can be installed. On the pipe surface, a liquid epoxy primer coat is typically applied. After that, there is an adhesive layer. The primer layer is then covered with this one. In most cases, the adhesive is a two-component solvent-free adhesive. Steel and other types of pipes are protected from corrosion by using it to create a protective coating.

The most typical application of heat shrinkable sleeves is to protect girth welds from corrosion. Any type of pipe joint, including those made of steel, plastic, and ductile iron, can use these sleeves. Pipe bends and cutbacks can also be made with heat shrinkable sleeves. They offer superior defense against impact and mechanical harm. They also provide excellent protection against UV rays and dielectric breakdown.

Installing heat shrinkable sleeves is simple. Unlike wrapping tape, they don't need specialized tools or labor that is highly skilled. They offer corrosion protection at a reasonable price. They can provide excellent mechanical and chemical resistance and can be used on a variety of pipe joints.

  • Corrosion-resistant sheath

    Corrosion-resistant sheath

    An anti-corrosion Sleeve is essentially a cylindrical object fastened to the end of a pipe. It may be installed in a perforated hole or packed in a dustproof cap. It has numerous applications. The sleeve's ability to resist corrosion is its key feature.

    In this illustration, a rubber cylinder is fastened to the outer peripheral surface of the anti-corrosion sleeve. The cylinder is made of high-grade polyethylene, and a liquid butyl rubber film covers its exterior. This rubber layer guarantees corrosion prevention and improves the sleeve's anti-corrosion performance. The upper end of the polyethylene cylinder is temporarily connected to a metal cylinder that is also part of the sleeve. The cylinder maintains the diameter of the water flow.

    However, the most fundamental purpose of an anti-corrosion sleeve is to avoid core insertion failure brought on by mud and soil. In this illustration, a water pipe's perforated hole is used to receive the sleeve. An O-ring is then used to keep the sleeve in place. The metal cylinder may also have a rubber coating around the outside of it.

    The logical predecessor to a better sleeve is this one. It is made up of a pattern backing, a matching gasket, and a stepped sleeve structure. The latter gives a reading of the sleeve's heating temperature.

  • Canusa K-60 Wraparound sleeve

    Canusa K-60 Wraparound sleeve

    Canusa K-60 Wraparound high hardness Sleeve uses a cross-linked polyolefin backing to maintain the structural integrity of a seamless tube while offering long-lasting protection from abrasion and cathodic disbondment. Additionally, it has a cutting-edge corrosion protection adhesive.

    Canusa offers a wide range of products that are made to offer the best possible protection for various pipes and applications. Canusa's heat shrink sleeves offer cost-effective protection for steel, polyurethane foam, fusion-bonded epoxy coatings, and other materials while being simple to install. They are also appropriate for pipe joints made of steel, plastic, and ductile iron.

    A polyethylene coating will be safeguarded by a Canusa K-60 Wraparound sleeve. A patented wraparound adhesive is also included in the sleeve to secure the polyethylene to the steel substrate. It also comes with a closure that is already fastened. The backing of the sleeve is also UV and abrasion resistant.

    Additionally, bulk rolls of the Canusa K-60 Wraparound sleeve are offered. The best way to offer long-lasting defense against chemical attack, cathodic disbondment, and abrasion is with these sleeves. They are also made to provide foam sealing across pipeline joints that have already been pre-insulated.

    A cheap option that will provide you with long-term corrosion protection is a Canusa K-60 sleeve. These sleeves come in sizes to fit pipes of any diameter. They also take little time to install because the pipe doesn't need to be primed or profiled. Additionally, they come with a special, heat-sensitive anti-corrosion adhesive.

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