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TC Bearing for Downhole Tool

The usage of a TC Bearing will be crucial in guaranteeing the safety and effectiveness of the drilling operation when a downhole too is used in the drilling process. The success of the well can be significantly influenced by the static and dynamic features of the object. The work can be made simpler with a thorough understanding of the characteristics of TC bearings.

Static property

The performance of the liquid film at static balance position can be referred to as the static property of TC Bearing for Downhole Tool operations. For instance, the thinnest portion of the liquid film prevents a large number of solid particles from passing through. This ability to release a lot of solid particles is useful. It is important to consider the associated impact on a Bearing's lifespan.

The belt that transports sand is one of the TC bearings. It differs significantly from the basic structure in several ways. The carrying capacity and the end discharging capacity are two of them.

In actuality, the carrying capacity of the basic structure is just one-third that of the sand transmission groove. The end discharge capacity is significantly higher, though.

The purpose of the sand transmission groove is to remove the solid particles from the Tc bearing. The sand removal function is significantly improved since the sand transmission groove is modeled after the outer ring of the Tc bearing.

  • Dynamic pressure equation

    Dynamic pressure equation

    This study analyzes and resolves the static and dynamic pressure equation for the TC thrust bearing. It is used with two different Tc bearing structure kinds.

    A convergent wedge liquid film with a granularity of up to 74 um defines the basic structure. It is impossible for solid particles to traverse the space between the inner and outer rings. The bearing carrying capacity is also decreased. This is due to the convergent wedge's grooving, which separates it into multiple pieces.

    The sand transmission groove's ability to increase bearing stability is a key characteristic. The carrying capacity is only one-fifth as large as the main structure's carrying capacity, though. Additionally, the sand transmission channel lowers the liquid film's pressure value.

    Positive displacement motors and turbodrills have both used Tc bearings with success. However, it has the drawback of having rubber parts with a short lifespan. Magnetic coupling and Tc bearing are used in tandem to get around this.

  • Working principle

    Working principle

    TC Bearing for Downhole Motor applications also operates on the basis of the fluid dynamic pressure lubrication theory. This idea boosts the liquid film's dynamic qualities as well as the surface structure of a Tc bearing. Additionally, it increases the rotor system's stability during high-speed vibratory drilling operations.

    Around the outer ring of the Tc bearing is a sand transmission groove. It is used to remove solid particles from the drill hole and scatter them from the bearing. The carrying capacity of the sand transmission groove is therefore approximately one-fifth that of the principal structure.

    The sand transmission groove has a significant impact on the dynamic qualities of the Tc bearing by lowering the bearing's pressure value. The pressure value in the sand transmission groove, in particular, is lower than it was in the original Tc bearing.

    The sand transmission groove Tc bearing is more suited to the high-speed light-load of MWD than the bearing with the original structure. Additionally, the sand transmission groove has unique characteristics.

  • Characteristics of TC bearings

    Characteristics of TC bearings

    The same traits apply to TC radial bearing for downhole applications. They are impact resistant and have a large bearing capacity. The bearing can be submerged in the drilling fluid at a speed of up to 30 m/s. They also have very good vibration resistance. If properly lubricated, they can have a long service life.

    The two types of TC bearings for downhole applications are the primary structure Tc bearing and the sand transmission groove type. The inner ring rotates in tandem with the axle while the outer ring of the primary structural Tc bearing is fixed to the axle. The sand transmission groove type, on the other hand, has a sand groove that is created around the Tc bearing's outer ring. This makes removing solid particles simple.

    The type of sand transmission groove bearing has a number of benefits over the Tc bearing in the primary structure. One is that just one-fifth of the primary structure's capacity is used for carrying. Additionally, the sand transmission groove's end discharging capacity has been enhanced.

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