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EPA's decision to retire the WaterSense Specification for commercial pre-rinse spray valves

The EPA's decision to remove the WaterSense Specification for commercial pre-rinse Spray Valve insets was made after consulting with relevant parties. These organizations, which include the Alliance for Water Efficiency, the American Water Works Association, and the National Restaurant Association, have all contributed to the development of these product criteria.

The EPA's notice of intent describes their strategy for generating a draft specification. Furthermore, the EPA is looking for field study data on the performance of pre-rinse spray valves. This data will be utilized to establish efficiency and performance standards. The Notice of Intent gives a brief overview of the technical issues as well as the efficiency and performance objectives for these goods.

The EPA's process to establishing a draft specification for high-efficiency pre-rinse spray valves is described in the Notice of Intent. It specifies the efficiency and performance standards to be applied.

  • Cost of replacing non-efficient spray valves with DOE-compliant models

    Cost of replacing non-efficient spray valves with DOE-compliant models

    Historically, the Department of Energy (DOE) estimated incremental production costs using one of three approaches. The cost-assessment approach, the efficiency-level approach, and the design-option approach were used. Each of these approaches has limitations.

    For example, the maximum-tech efficiency level shows the theoretical maximum efficiency. However, the highest level of technological efficiency is not commercially available. The highest feasible improvement in energy efficiency is not conceivable in the absence of this efficiency level.

    The engineering analysis conducted by DOE comprises the identification of incremental improvements in efficiency, cost, and the link between these three criteria for each product class. The price is calculated using specific data for parts, labor, and shipping. The cost is determined by calculating the net present value of the combined benefits and costs.

    Aside from assessing incremental costs, DOE investigated the technological feasibility of commercial Spray Valve Seat with lower energy consumption. This includes simulating the possibility of switching to non-scope equipment.

  • Grip portion of conventional spray valves

    Grip portion of conventional spray valves

    Among the several typical spray valves on the market today, a handful may stand out. One of these is the water sprayer model. This model is intended for hands-on use. A female hose fitting is located at the lower end of the handle.

    The grip body is another important component. This is an expanded version of the sprayer body. This unit consists of a handle portion and a barrel portion that are connected together to produce the nozzle. The latter has a rearward facing annular valve seat. The nozzle is made of metal and is cast. Its most obvious purpose is to spray water. It cannot be dismantled. This may be beneficial in some cases, but it creates a maintenance issue.

    The aforementioned spray nozzles is coupled to a limiting column that extends outward from the grip body. This column features a concave hole at its exposed end. The limiting column can be omitted or replaced.

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