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Spray Seat insert in Valve

A spray seat insert is one of the parts used in the construction of valves qith carbide thread nozzles. The metal insert, which resembles a seat and permits fluid to pass through the valve, is constructed to do this. Utilizing powder metallurgy, it can be either formed or added. These two are excellent options for the production of valves.

Object of the invention

The Spray Seat insert in Valve consists of a resilient sealing member designed to seal securely against a valve member. A resilient collar that extends outward from the resilient sealing engagement is a part of the resilient sealing member. It should ideally be set up as a tapered flange. Tolerances in the metal-to-metal valve seat are taken into account by this resilient sealing engagement.

Additionally, the device is set up to offer precise control over the liquid discharge from the orifice. Between the rigid valve seat and the discharge orifice, there is an entry section with an inward taper.

Within the valve chamber is a coil spring mechanism that helps snap the valve member into the open or closed position. When dealing with high pressures, this valve is a dependable, low-cost design that is simple to operate.

  • Principle of the invention

    Principle of the invention

    The spray nozzle offered by the invention has a valve seat as well as a valve body. The body of the valve includes a metering valve. The working medium is pievested from the working medium supply line through a passage between the valve body and the valve seat when the valve seat element is in the ready-to-operate state. As a result, a spraying jet is produced at the end of a stream of blast air that is fanning out in Spray Seat.

    The invention additionally offers a flutter valve. The spray nozzle can achieve intermittent spraying at higher frequencies with a flutter valve. Radial spraying characteristics and a flutter valve can also be combined.

    A tubular part makes up the valve body. On the outside of the valve body, an annular recess 34b may not be required. The axial end surfaces of the valve seat element form a transverse bore 33h and a pocket hole 33g that are visible on the inside.

  • Method of manufacturing

    Method of manufacturing

    Spray seat Inserts are a substitute for powder metallurgy in the manufacture of valves. In this method, the bulk material is sprayed onto a mandrel using a spray gun, and it is then removed from the mandrel using a different part.

    Spray seat inserts can be made from a wide range of metal alloys, including copper, iron, nickel, and steel. The use of these materials may result in a material that is more corrosion resistant and enhance the valve's thermal conductivity. The ability to extract heat from the valve is improved by the addition of copper coating to some of these inserts.

    Both internal combustion engines and gasoline engines can use the material that is deposited during the spraying process. The method is also applicable to valves with Stellite seating with Spray Seat in Pump.

  • Application of the invention

    Application of the invention

    An insert for the valve seat is used to enhance the component's physical properties. Better corrosion resistance, increased thermal fatigue strength, and higher creep resistance are some of these characteristics. They can also be produced inexpensively and are compatible with the materials used in the valve.

    A spray seat insert is typically used in the head of an aluminum engine. Some high performance cast iron engines also use it. A variety of metals and alloys, including low carbon steel, nickel oxides, and iron oxides, can be used to create the material for this insert.

    The enhanced needle valve assembly 30 is used for spray applications requiring high air pressure. It has a variable orifice and a piston triggering mechanism for dispensing liquid. The liquid flow rate can now be more easily controlled. Additionally, the needle valve assembly's expanded flow area and flow range enable better lubricant and chainline lubricant application.

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