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Back up pads

The AF890 back up pads are intended for use with flat workpieces and very demanding applications. They have a 12 mm cellular rubber layer and a hard velour backing. A typical 7/8-inch-diameter center hole is also included. In order to improve cut uniformity on curved surfaces, they support 3M Green Corps Flexible Grinding Wheels. Additionally useful for polishing marble and glass, these pads can be used to grind ceramics and metal components.

A non-circular mounting aperture can be used to automatically or manually align the disc valve components and backup pad. A pressure sensitive adhesive is used to secure the abrasive disc to the backup pad. The circular abrasive disc has segments removed at intervals around its circumference. The segmented areas can be either rounded points or straight chord segments.

A backup pad also has a circular shape, but the circumference has three or more evenly spaced portions removed. The maximum radius of the backup pad can be set to be between 95 and 100 percent of the maximum radius of the abrasive disc.

  • Reducing bushings should not be used to mount a larger abrasive wheel on a grinder

    Reducing bushings should not be used to mount a larger abrasive wheel on a grinder

    It is not a good idea to mount a big abrasive wheel on a grinder like Fine Grinding Plug or cut-off wheel using reduced bushings. Wheel failure has been discovered to occur when the incorrect reducing bushing is used. The reducing bushing shouldn't ever come into contact with the flange and needs to be specifically made for the abrasive wheel. The mounting wheel's reducing bushing shouldn't be wider than that wheel.

    Typically, resin and abrasive material are combined to create the abrasive wheel. Alternating layers of woven fiberglas reinforcement may also be present. To indicate its composition, it might have a paper backing sheet attached to the back.

    The mounting hub and the abrasive wheel are both parts of the abrasive wheel assembly. The internal thread 48 of the hub serves as a mounting mechanism for the wheel assembly. It also has a deformable rim 54 and a sleeve portion 52. Both riveting and staking are options for fastening the deformable rim to the front bushing 30.

  • Safety precautions

    Safety precautions

    You can keep yourself safe and preserve the condition of your equipment by keeping in mind the safety precautions for fine grinding bushing. Keeping the work area free of obstacles and keeping it clean are two safety precautions for fine grinding bushing. Additionally, make sure that all cables are neatly run and hung from insulated hangers. A safety screen can also be kept up around the welding or grinding operation. Its goal is to stop sparks from flying and starting a fire.

    Wearing safety glasses is another aspect of keeping in mind safety precautions for fine grinding. You can cover your everyday glasses with safety goggles. If you use drill presses or hammers, safety glasses with side shields are also a must. Your eyes will be effectively protected from flying debris and sparks by these glasses.

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