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Setting sleeve 2154

In general, stator downhole tool require a high-pressure-resistant composition. Furthermore, the instrument must be tiny and lightweight. Downhole tools must also be affordable. These needs can be satisfied by employing innovative compositions. These compositions have the potential to be useful in a wide range of applications.

The present disclosure may be discussed in general terms with reference to a downhole tool, but the compositions disclosed herein may also be useful with apparatuses or other systems. The current invention's downhole tool may contain a mandrel sleeve with at least one set of threads. Shear threads or rounded threads are both possible. These threads may assist the tool's detachable connection to a setting adapter. A non-dissolvable composite material may be used for the mandrel sleeve.

  • Compression of sleeve end 2155 with bearing plate end 2184

    Compression of sleeve end 2155 with bearing plate end 2184

    wear parts Downhole Tool may be used to accomplish a desired effect during a drilling operation. The tool could include a mandrel, a sleeve, and a Bearing plate. The mandrel may be moveable and may have a flowpath through which fluids can pass. The sleeve could be non-composite or composed of metal. The bearing plate could be composed of filament wound material and able to withstand greater axial load. A lip on the bearing plate may keep it concentrically with the mandrel.

    The sleeve can be made into a discontinuous channel, a helical channel, or a spiral-wound channel. It can also be designed as an equilaterally shaped channel that is symmetrically distributed around the circumference of the sleeve.

  • Falling away portion of tool 202

    Falling away portion of tool 202

    A downhole tool such as Rotor Downhole Tool that can be set, retrieved, and rebuilt in the blink of an eye is an engineering marvel that is well worth the time and money. The Durable plate Downhole Tool 202 is one such example. The best feature is that the tool may be manufactured from a wide range of materials, including metals, polymers, plastics, and ceramics. The resulting downhole gadget can withstand over 10,000 pounds of pressure. This can result in significant operating cost savings. The goal is to maximize team productivity by lowering the time and expense of conducting normal tasks. It also helps that the downhole gadget can be customized to match any application needs.

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