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Positive Choke Flow Bean with Body Material 410ss and Lined with Tungsten Carbide Yg8

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Stainless Steel bonded Tungsten Carbide Choke Stems and Seats for Oil and Gas Industry  

Choke bean is often used in the positive choke valve for controlling the flow. Zonco choke bean is same as Cameron type H2 big john choke bean, body Material: 410SS, lined with Tungsten Carbide (YG8), to protect them from corrosive and abrasive wear. 

On one side of the choke manifold, calibrated choke beans are used to control flow rate through the fixed choke box. Each bean is a specific diameter, usually in graduations of 1/64-1/32 inch, Depending on the type of equipment used, the size of the choke bean can be as large as 3 inches. The choke Bean in all standard API-6A available sizes

The features: 
1. Good wear and corrosion resistance 
2. Long lifetime
3. Good working performance
4. One stop customized service
5. Standard export package

     Tungsten carbide is an important raw material in valve parts. Valve seat is wearing part. The important point is: it in the pipe. The medium will crushing the inner place. If the valve seat were not maintained properly, it would get rusty as time passes. Tungsten carbide features: High hardness, corrosion and wear resistance etc. It's high hardness and wear resistance to ensure valve seat guarantee quality. The advantage is tungsten carbide is washing-out resistance. When the liquid into valve, it will washing-out valve seat. The raw material is more important. When parts or machine rubbing against each other, we always using tungsten carbide for valve seat raw material. This way is most quickly, easily way to solve work piece corrosion problem. It's versatility and flexibility in various work piece. It's mainly used in Oil, Gas industry and so on. After accurate grinding and polishing, the frictional factor of surface is very low. We accept customized service. If you have other specification, you can contact us.Zonco is your partner in Tungsten carbide industry. For tungsten carbide material grade, we suggest: YG8, YG11, YG15, YL10.2, YN8 other grade can be offered by customers' request. 

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