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Non Standard Cemented Carbide Valve Trim Specialized in hostile environment of chemical and oil industry

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      Zonco has been specialized in the cemented tungsten carbide industry more than 10 years,and able to manufacture all kinds of tungsten carbide parts and alloy wear resisting parts based on customers' drawings and material specification requirement.welcome to contact us for more details.         

Importance of Valve Trim:
The trim plays an important role in the characteristics of the valve especially for the equipments and tools used in oil and gas industry,facing harsh condition of corrosion and wear.It determines the flow rate and the isolations of the valves. The shapes of the valve trim determine the flow characteristics of the valve. A valve trim's characteristic is related to the percentage of flow and the valve stem travel between 0% and 100%.

Trim materials sometimes are the same material as the valve body or bonnet and sometimes they differ. As per the different properties, required for the components to withstand particular forces and conditions. so that they are constructed of assorted materials like tungsten carbide meeting the extreme complex and severe working conditions. when suitable trim materials are selected, the  Flow-medium properties like chemical composition of the fluid, pressure, temperature, flow rate, velocity, and viscosity of the fluids are considered. 

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