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Cemented Carbide Wear Parts Plate Trim Valve for Chemical Industry

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Cemented Carbide Wear Parts Plate Trim Valve for Chemical Industry

Product feature: 

1. Heat resistant; very good wear resistant

2. HIP sintering, High hardness. 

3.  Good impact toughness, chemical stability. 

4. Excellent performance and good wear/corrosion resistance  

5. High machining accuracy/precision     

Tungsten Carbide valves trim parts is widely used on a choke valve in oil gas industry or other energy industry.
Tungsten Carbide valves assemblies parts are specifically designed to resist corrosion, abrasion, wear, fretting, sliding wear and impact both onshore offshore and surface subsea applications.   

Zonco has been specialized in customizing various kinds of non-standard tungsten carbide wear resistant components for more than 10 years.Our products and technologies have been widely applied in the fields of oil & gas, chemical engineering, subsea, nuclear power and aerospace industries. Mainly used in harsh operating conditions include severe abrasion, erosion, corrosion, high temperature, high pressure and strong impact.we are able to manufacturing all kinds of wear resistance valve parts based on customer's drawing and material requirement, support hardfacing process based on customer's technique requirement.  since most of our products are customized and not suitable to show for other customer, welcome to contact us for OEM service.              


Our Main Advantages:   
 1.  100% virgin material. 
 2.  Competitive prices with 10-30% saved or more. 
 3.  High quality standards and Strict products inspection.      
 4.  Flexible production management with shorter lead time. 
 5.  Quick and professional service and technical support.    
 6.  Customized service based on customer's drawings or samples.  

Zonco Common Tungsten Carbide Grades, Ghysical Mechanical Properties:      
1. Cobalt Binder Grades   
Grain size (μm)
Density (g/cm3)TRS (N/mm2)Hardness (HRA)

2.  Nickel Binder Grades   
GradeWC%Ni%Physical and mechanical propertiesGrain size (μm)
Density (g/cm3)TRS (N/mm2)Hardness (HRA)
Our material engineers have developed more than 15 material grades. If the listed grades above are not meet your requirement,
we are able to recommend or 
develop new grade by customers' requirements.      

Main Products Types  
1.Radial Thrust Bearing (PDC,TC Bearing)     

2.Tungsten Carbide Nozzles 
3.Valve Trim (Plug,Seats,Stem, choke bean,bushing,Cage,sleeve)    
4.MWD & LWD Carbide Parts (Sator and rotor for motor)
5.Carbide Parts for Downhole Tools (
 Osc Valve and Stationary Valve parts)   
6.Carbide Wear Parts for Mechanical Equipments           
7.Carbide Drilling Dies 
8.Carbide Buttons/Inserts 
9.Other Carbide Wear Parts     

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