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Customized  Cemented Carbide Factory Wear Components Valve Trim Ball Valve

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Customized Cemented Carbide Factory Wear Components Valve Trim Ball Valve  

      Zonco has been specialized in the cemented tungsten carbide industry more than 10 years,and able to manufacture all kinds of tungsten carbide parts and alloy wear resisting parts based on customers' drawings and material specification requirement(prodcuts inclduing AP* series,GE seriesMWD seriesQDT seriesSL series,etc.) welcome to contact us for more details.     
      Tungsten carbide Valve trim valve core are specifically developed to resist wear at high temperatures. The material is based on wear-resistant carbides that are thermally stable at exhaust valve seat operating temperature. They are mainly used for the sealing of valves in petroleum industry's sand containing wells, viscous oil wells, sea oil wells and high pressure sulfur resistant oil wells, etc.  
Carbide Valve Trim Feature:
1.Sufficient strength and rigidity.
2.Good impact toughness.
3.Abrasion resistance.
4.Corrosion resistance.
5.Long service life.
7.Excellent thermal shock resistance.
8.Good sealing character.

Customized Valve Trim According To The Specific Drawing(Valve Stem/plug/seats)

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