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Tungsten Carbide TC Radial Bearing Chemical Resistance for Downhole Moto

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Good Compactness Customized Tungsten Carbide Insert Bearing To Improve Motor Performance
Good Wear Ability Custom Tc Radial Bearing Tungsten Carbide Bearings Wide

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The substrate of Tungsten Carbide Radial Bearing is stainless steel and soldering with Carbide Tile Insert on outside surface or internal surface. It is used as antifriction bearing for downhole motor. We have three different types for your  choice. The size is customized based on customer’s drawings.

1. Increased Bearing Life
Our exclusive cladding sustains tight tolerances and remains durable, even under extreme heat and stress.
2. Reduced Operational Costs
3. Improved Mud Motor Performance
Operators can push motors without damaging the bearings, permitting sharper turns, faster penetration and less drilling time.
4. Enhanced Drilling Accuracy
Reduced bearing wear means that design tolerances are maintained downhole, resulting in improved mud motor control and greater drilling accuracy.
5. Good Quality Standards
Our radial bearings are designed and manufactured according to stringent quality standards that govern material selection, machining, infiltration brazing, surface finishing and packaging.



Barrel Dimensions (inches)

Radial Bearings

Diameter Range

Length Range

Inside Diameter (ID)

3/4 - 10

1/2 - 28

Outside Diameter (OD)

3/4 - 10

1/2 - 28


Good Compactness Custom Wear Resisting Long Lifetime Tungsten Carbide Tc Radial Bearing
Oil Industry Tungsten Carbide Tc Radial Bearing 30 - 70HRC Hardness
Downhole Motor Tungsten Carbide Tc Radial Bearing Chemical Resistance

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