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Customized Tungsten Carbide Tiles Radial Bearing for PDM drill or Turbine Drill

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          Customized Tungsten Carbide Tiles Radial Bearing for PDM drill or Turbine Drill      

TheTC Tiles Radial Bearing in the PDM drill or Turbine Drill is the key component that affects the service life of the PDM drill or Turbine Drill.

A set of Tungsten Carbide Radial Bearing includes a stationary sleeve and a rotating sleeve.
Zonco uses a special #Tungsten Carbide Tile matrix for the bearings to improve protection against abrasion.
We have skilled TC bearing manufacturing technology, including traditional sintering process and innovative hardfacing process.  

Especially, TC bearings produced by our innovative hardfacing 

process are recommended,  i

t has excellent performance and longer service life than other manufacturer.  

Our radial bearings for drilling mud motors are available in many sizes with a durable design that provides superior wear resistance in the harshest drilling environments. These carbide matrix bearings and tungsten carbide tile bearings are available in sizes ranging from 2-7/8”to 12-1/4".
Tungsten Carbide Radial Bearing are well suited for high RPM, pressures, temperatures, corrosive and erosive environments. The bearing bodies materials including but not limit to 4140,4145,4330v and 4340,custom configurations are available upon customers request.
Welcome to consult anytime if you have any demand for cemented tungsten carbide components.      

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