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Tungsten Carbide Bushing Sleeve Used in Drilling Equipment Oil Fields

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Zonco -10030
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Carton or Wooden Case. Also Can Be Customized as P
China Zhuzhou

Product Description

Product Description

Tungsten Carbide Bushing Widely Used In Pumps Industry, Drilling Equipment, Oil, Chemical And Other Fields


Tungsten carbide bushing


Carbide version of our popular


Carbide version of our popular thin wall sleeves, for high-production applications. thin wall sleeves are permanently pressed into the jig plate, usually flush with the top surface. They are generally used for single-operation drilling or reaming, when you do not expect to replace sleeves during the tooling's lifetime. Carbide sleeves can be mounted closer together than headed sleeves, but offer less resistance to heavy axial loads.


Tungsten carbide bushing has been widely used in pumps industry, drilling equipment, oil, chemical and other fields.


Abrasion, toughness, corrosion and thermal shock resistance are key material properties for long-lasting, well-functioning pump functions.


With all these features, its unique properties make it extremely widely used in pump seals,mining and machining. In addition, it has further potential for a wide range of environmental applications.


Cemented Carbide corrosion resistant bushing


The cemented carbide corrosion resistant bushings are mainly to be used for axial sealing and rotating support of the drink water pump.


Cemented Carbide Precision Products mean that further processed machining cemented carbide products which have fine mechanical properties and features of high wear and corrosion resistance, high dimension accuracy and specified surface roughness etc. The semi-finished cemented carbide products are finished by diamond wheel grinding and spark machining to various mechanic components, to replace the metal parts under the complicated and adverse working conditions in order to strengthen the work efficiency and extend life of tools.


Cemented carbide Precision products includes axle sleeves, seal-ring, thread nozzles, bushings valve cores, valve balls, valve seats, non-standard structure parts and mechanic components etc, which is widely used in many industrial fields, such as oil, drilling, natural gas prospecting, coal mining, steel and iron, ship, chemical industry, pump and valve-sealing, mechanic components etc. The products are mainly applied as submerged oil centrifugal pump, submerged oil electric pump, submerged oil separator, submerged oil protector, slurry pump, acid proof pump, waste water treating pump, drink water pump, PDC drill bits, cone roller bits, centrifuge oil raising pump, MWD & LWD, vertical rotating guide and self-activated oscillating-rotating-impact drilling tools etc

Common Alloy Grades, Ghysical Mechanical Properties And Recommended Application

GradeWC%Co/Ni %Physical and mechanical propertiesGrain size (μm)Recommended application
Density (g/cm3)TRS (N/mm2)Hardness (HRA)
ZG01100015.3-15.5120095.50.3Ultra-high hardness, high wear resistance, anti-corrosion, with certain anti-destructive ability
ZG04X96415.0-15.2160092.80.8-1.0Suitable for drawing die, non-ferrous metal wire drawing and wear-resistant parts
ZG0694614.8-15.1250090.01.2Good abrasion resistance, good compression resistance, suitable for wear-resistant parts that resist abrasion and high pressure.
ZG06X94614.8-15.1240091.51.0Superio wear resistance,good comprehensive properties,suitable for making non-standard structure components with higher wear resistance.
ZG0892814.6-14.9270089.01.2-1.6Good general performance, used for general wear parts, molds, general tools, etc.
ZG10.2901014.3-14.6380091.70.7Good general performance, suitable for casing and oil nozzle products
ZG11891114.3-14.7280088.51.2-1.6Anti-wear, anti-erosion, good comprehensive mechanical strength, suitable for wear-resistant parts in the petroleum, chemical and mechanical industries.
ZG12X881214.2-14.5300089.51.0-1.2Anti-erosion, good comprehensive mechanical strength, suitable for impact-resistant wear-resistant parts, molds, and roller rings.
ZG15X851513.8-14.2450089.00.7Excellent wear resistance and toughness,it is suitable for making integral stamping dies, anti-vibration toolholders, etc.
ZG20802013.4-13.8310085.01.0Excellent wear resistance and toughness
ZN0694614.5-14.9200090.01.2Non-magnetic alloy, suitable for sealing ring, non-magnetic wear-resistant parts and corrosion-resistant parts.


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