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Application of Hard Alloy in Aerospace Industry

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Application of Hard Alloy in Aerospace Industry


Recently, China has launched ShenZhou 14 Manned Spacecraft at June 5th, and successfully dock with the China Space Station “TianGong”. At July 24th, China launched the experimental capsule “WenTian”, this is an another critical components of China Space Station, the successful docking of “WenTian” capsule means that China is very close to completing the construction of the space station. This is a big step of China aerospace industry no doubt. But how come China chase the footstep of America so fast? This can not be done without the effort of our Research Develop Team of course, but the material to build the shell and mechanical part are also important.


Hard alloy plays a very important role in this, because the temperature when enter atmosphere is very hot, normal steel will melt immediately. Titanium alloy is the perfect material for spacecraft shell, but Tungsten Carbide is not suitable for shell, why? Because compare to Tungsten Carbide, Titanium alloy can react with hydrogen and oxygen when Titanium alloy at a high temperature and form a hardened layer, has a small thermal conductivity at the meantime. It protect the crew from the high heat outside the shell.

So, is the Tungsten Carbide are useless in aerospace industry? No, the rocket booster nozzle and a lot of inside component requires even higher hardness and low chemical activity, most importantly, the melting point of tungsten carbide is higher than titanium alloy and not easy to react with other matters, it’s anti-corrosion and wear.

Tungsten Carbide nozzle is one of the hot sale product among all the product in our company, the features that applied in aerospace industry are also quite efficiently in any other industry such as oil&gas, chemical industry, nuclear energy, mining, etc.

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