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OEM Service Tunsgten Carbide Poppet for Mwd/Lwd Logging Tools Baker Series

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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Zonco -172
Transport Package
Carton or Wooden Case.
HS Code
Production Capacity
1000PCS Per Month

Product Description:

OEM Service Tunsgten Carbide Poppet for Mwd/Lwd Logging Tools Baker Series


Zonco has been specialized in customizable cemented carbide parts industry since 2014,and able to manufacture varied tungsten carbide parts and alloy wear resisting parts based on customer's drawings and material specification requirements,welcome to contact us for more details if you have demand for cemented carbide parts applied in oil exploration and drilling,mining, chemical industry, coal chemical industry, pump valve, solar energy, nuclear energy, military industry, machinery and so on.

Tungsten carbide parts are widely used in drilling fluid diversion,scour,sealing and pulse signal feedback,etc of MWD & LWD,such as the mushroon head(main valve core),flow limitation ring,flow limitation chamber,seat,nozzle,poppet valve,nose cap,ect.Some famouse MWD LWD carbide parts including stator,rotor(plate inlet),liner,retainer,shroud,shroud sleeve,etc,for more details about customizable service,please feel free to contact me

 Main Products lines:
1.Radial Thrust Bearing & PDC,TC Bearing

2.Tungsten Carbide Nozzles and Teeth
3.Valve Trim (Valve Stem/plug and seats)
4.MWD & LWD Carbide Parts
5.Carbide Parts for Downhole Tools
6.Carbide Wear Parts for Mechanical Equipments
7.Other Carbide Wear Parts used in extreme complex and severe working conditions (high temperature, strong corrosion and wear)

Product feature: 

1.  Heat resistant; very good wear resistant 

2.  HIP sintering, High hardness. 

3.  Good impact toughness, chemical stability. 

4.  Excellent performance and good wear/corrosion resistance                                                                 
5.  High machining accuracy/precision  

Why choose us:
1. Experienced with new producing technology and facilities of surface treatment to improve hardness,corrosion resistance
erosion resistance with lower cost.

2. Customized service is available according to client's drawings or requirements.
3. Production lines entirely accord with International Quality Certification of ISO9001.
4. Factory direct sale with 20-30% price off.
5. More flexible production management with faster lead time.

What is surface treatment and its advantages?
Surface treatment is an additional process apply cemented carbide to the surface of a material for the purpose of adding functions such as erosion resistance,corrosion resistance and wear resistance or improving the hardness,by which lower the cost compared to the cost of using entire cemented alloy,and remain the alloy good performance upon the material.

Surface treatments can be broadly classified into removal processes, such as scraping or melting the surface, and additive processes, such as painting,coating which add cemented carbide to the surface.there are four technical surface treatments we have in image below as additive processes to highly improve property of wear resistance and erosion resistance.

OEM Custom 3.44′′ 4.125′′ 5.25′′ Yg08 Tungsten Carbide Parts Mwd Lwd Spare Parts Cemented Carbide Rotor Stator   

Our Advantages: 
 1.  100% virgin material. 
 2.  Competitive prices with 10-30% saved or more. 
 3.  High quality standards and Strict products inspection.     
 4.  Flexible production management with shorter lead time. 
 5.  Quick and professional service and technical support.    
 6.  Customized service based on customer's drawings or samples. 

Zonco Common Tungsten Carbide Grades, Ghysical Mechanical Properties:       

1. Cobalt Binder Grades    

Grain size (μm)
Density (g/cm3)TRS (N/mm2)Hardness (HRA)

2.  Nickel Binder Grades 

GradeWC%Ni%Physical and mechanical propertiesGrain size (μm)
Density (g/cm3)TRS (N/mm2)Hardness (HRA)
Our material engineers have developed more than 15 material grades. If the listed grades above are not meet your requirement,we are able to recommend or develop new grade by customers' requirements.       

Main Products Types  
1.Radial Thrust Bearing (PDC,TC Bearing)      
2.Tungsten Carbide Nozzles 
3.Valve Trim (Plug,Seats,Stem, choke bean,bushing,Cage,sleeve)    
4.MWD & LWD Carbide Parts (Sator and rotor,plate, liners etc)
5.Carbide Parts for Downhole Tools (
 Osc Valve and Stationary Valve parts etc)        
6.Carbide Wear Parts for Mechanical Equipments           
7.Carbide Drilling Dies 
8.Carbide Buttons/Inserts 
9.Other Carbide Wear Parts  

Customized  Various kinds MWD componentAccording To The Specific Drawing   

MWD Parts--2022.7.4   



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