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Customized Wear Resisting Tungsten Carbide Mwd/Lwd with Long Lifetime

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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Transport Package
Carton or Wooden Case. Also Can Be Customized as P
China Zhuzhou
HS Code
Production Capacity
1000PCS Per Month

Product Description

The inclinometer pulse generator is inserted into the current limiting ring through the control (mushroom head) gap to change the annulus cross-sectional area therebetween. The mud pressure flowing in the drill pipe is changed to form a positive mud pressure pulse to realize signal transmission. The mud pressure flowing in the drill pipe is changed to form a positive mud pressure pulse to realize signal transmission. The pulse generator is driven by an electromagnetic mechanism to control a small control valve, thereby changing the pressure contrast of the upper and lower end faces of the piston. Then use the pressure generated by the mud flow to push the piston up and down, and the lifting rod (mushroom head) is intermittently inserted into the restrictor ring to form a positive mud pressure pulse.

Material introduction:  

Tungsten carbide is generally the material of choice in applications where distortion due to high pressures or rapid wear in abrasive environments are modes of premature failure. Tungsten carbide seals possess a unique combination of high fracture strength and high hardness that minimizes or eliminates these problems. Other favorable properties of tungsten carbide include high thermal conductivity values and low coefficients of thermal expansion. These kinds of wear parts lifetime more than other material. There are enjoy high reputation at home and aboard. These characteristics promote the efficient removal of heat and provide dimensional stability at higher operating temperatures. 


Product Feature of tungsten carbide Rotors And Stators

1. Excellent abrasion resistance

2. High wear resistance

3. High fractural strength

4. High thermal conductivity

5. Small heat expansion co-efficient 

Common Alloy Grades, Ghysical Mechanical Properties And Recommended Application

GradeWC%Co/Ni %Physical and mechanical propertiesGrain size (μm)Recommended application
Density (g/cm3)TRS (N/mm2)Hardness (HRA)
ZG0694614.8-15.1250090.01.2Good abrasion resistance, good compression resistance, suitable for wear-resistant parts that resist abrasion and high pressure.
ZG06X94614.8-15.1240091.51.0Superio wear resistance,good comprehensive properties,suitable for making non-standard structure components with higher wear resistance.
ZG0892814.6-14.9270089.01.2-1.6Good general performance, used for general wear parts, molds, general tools, etc.
ZG10.2901014.3-14.6380091.70.7Good general performance, suitable for casing and oil nozzle products
ZG11891114.3-14.7280088.51.2-1.6Anti-wear, anti-erosion, good comprehensive mechanical strength, suitable for wear-resistant parts in the petroleum, chemical and mechanical industries.
ZG12X881214.2-14.5300089.51.0-1.2Anti-erosion, good comprehensive mechanical strength, suitable for impact-resistant wear-resistant parts, molds, and roller rings.
ZG15X851513.8-14.2450089.00.7Excellent wear resistance and toughness,it is suitable for making integral stamping dies, anti-vibration toolholders, etc.
ZG20802013.4-13.8310085.01.0Excellent wear resistance and toughness
ZN0694614.5-14.9200090.01.2Non-magnetic alloy, suitable for sealing ring, non-magnetic wear-resistant parts and corrosion-resistant parts.

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