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What kind of tungsten carbide has high wear resistance?

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hardness, and corrosion resistance, and has shown its unique advantages in many fields. In more harsh and harsh environments, cemented carbide is required to have high wear resistance. What kind of cemented carbide has the highest wear resistance?


Under the same conditions, generally speaking, the smaller the particles of tungsten steel, the higher its hardness and the more wear-resistant it will be. As for which type of cemented carbide is the most wear-resistant, it actually mainly depends on its use conditions. Very wear-resistant cemented carbide materials may be more brittle, so they may not be usable. Therefore, specific analysis must be combined with different working conditions.


Carbide is Cemented carbide has many advantages such as strong wear resistance, high divided into multiple models based on hardness and toughness, such as yg8, yg15, etc. Improper selection of models will have a great impact on service life. The high-speed steel used for general household use may contain a little tungsten, but it is not tungsten steel.


Cemented carbide is made by sintering tungsten carbide as the main body and cobalt or other bonding metals using a powder metallurgy process. Its tungsten content is generally above 80%. Tungsten steel is a type of cemented carbide. Tungsten steel is smelted by adding ferrotungsten to molten steel to make tungsten. It is also known as high-speed steel or tool steel. Its tungsten content is generally 15-25%.


The wear resistance of cemented carbide is closely related to its grain size and cobalt content. Generally speaking, the finer the grain size, the lower the cobalt content and the higher the hardness, and vice versa. It should be mentioned that the selection of wear-resistant cemented carbide should not only look at the hardness, but also the requirements for its use. Generally, it is recommended to use YW2 raw materials for cutting carbide, which has relatively high hardness. However, if the working conditions are frequent and impact operations are frequent, its toughness must be considered. However, toughness and hardness themselves conflict with each other. In this case, it can be considered Choose YG type fine grain alloy.


As for which cemented carbide is very wear-resistant, it actually mainly depends on the application conditions. Under the same conditions, generally speaking, the smaller the particles of tungsten steel and the higher the hardness, the more wear-resistant it is.


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