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The use of tungsten carbide nozzles

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Cemented/Tungsten Carbide nozzles! For industrial people is not strange, although it is small, but its role is we can not ignore. Industrial nozzles are generally commonly used in a variety of spray. Spraying, oil spraying, sandblasting, spraying and other equipment, play a very important role. Of course, the nozzle material includes many kinds, such as cast iron, ceramic, tungsten carbide, silicon carbide, boron carbide, etc.. Tungsten carbide nozzles are widely used in surface treatment, oil, sandblasting, painting, steel, electronics, chemical and other industries. Cemented carbide nozzles can also be used for different purposes, such as for wire straightening, wire guiding and other aspects. Today, The editor from Zonco will introduce several uses of carbide nozzles to you.     

Tungsten carbide nozzles for oil drilling 
In the process of oil drilling, it is generally in a relatively harsh environment, and thus the nozzle needs to withstand the high-speed impact of high-pressure abrasive during the working process, which makes it easier to wear and fail. Ordinary materials are prone to heat deformation or chipping, requiring frequent replacement of nozzles, thus reducing efficiency. Cemented carbide nozzle because of its high hardness, high strength and excellent wear and corrosion resistance, can better improve this situation.    

Tungsten carbide for sandblasting
Tungsten carbide nozzles are an essential part of sandblasting equipment. The sandblasting equipment is powered by compressed air and blasts the spray material at high speed onto the surface of the treated workpiece through a high speed jet beam to achieve the purpose of surface treatment. Compared with other material nozzles, such as steel nozzles, cemented carbide nozzles have higher hardness, strength and wear and corrosion resistance, which can better meet the needs of the application conditions.

Tungsten carbide atomizing nozzle
Carbide atomization nozzle atomization form can be divided into pressure atomization, rotary atomization, electrostatic atomization, ultrasonic atomization and bubble atomization, etc.. Compared with other types of nozzles, carbide nozzles can achieve the spraying effect without air compressor, its atomization shape is generally circular or fan-shaped, good atomization effect, covering a wide area, in agricultural production spraying and industrial manufacturing spraying, dust removal and humidification, etc. have a more extensive use.

Zonco has independently developed a variety of material grades to improve the material wear resistance and scouring resistance, to provide customers with high quality and cost advantage of various types of nozzles to deal with different working conditions. More nozzles details Pls visit website: https://www.zonco-carbide.com/Tungsten-carbide-nozzles

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