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The relationship between the quality of tungsten steel parts and molds

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As we all know, the mold is the main tool for tungsten steel accessories. It is strong and durable, not easily damaged or deformed during use. However, if the shape of the tungsten steel parts is complex and the mold parts are also complex, the mold processing will be difficult and the processing accuracy will not be high. The processing of combined mold parts is greatly simplified and the processing accuracy is high, allowing us to obtain high-quality tungsten steel accessories.


1. Determination of the number of cavities


To determine the number of cavities, equipment capabilities, difficulty of mold processing, production batch size, casting accuracy requirements, etc. must be considered. Especially for multi-cavity molds, due to the difficulty of mold processing, large dimensional accuracy errors, and difficulty in achieving balanced flow channel configuration, the performance of each cavity casting is inconsistent. When tungsten steel accessories require high precision and complex geometric shapes, it is best to use one mold and one cavity. Small castings are subject to availability.


2. Mold temperature


The temperature of the die-casting mold is an important factor affecting the quality of the casting. Improper mold temperature not only affects the internal and external quality of tungsten steel parts, but also affects the dimensional accuracy of the castings, and even deforms the castings, causing cracks in the die-casting mold and forming mesh-like burrs on the surface of the castings that are difficult to remove, thus affecting the appearance quality of the tungsten steel parts.


3. Determination of the size of molded parts


When calculating the size of die-cast parts, the shrinkage rate of the die-cast material selected must be realistic, otherwise the products produced will be unqualified. If necessary, calculate the size of tungsten steel accessories after actual measurement through the test mold. For high-precision products, even the thermal expansion of the mold die-casting part material and the impact of the storage and use environment on the product's dimensional accuracy after die-casting must be taken into account.


4. The mold cannot be deformed


Often due to unreasonable mold structure or improper selection of mold materials, the mold will crack and deform during use, which will lead to unqualified products. For this reason, when designing the mold, appropriate measures must be taken to ensure the quality of the product. The ejection system should be equipped with guide posts to prevent the push rod from working unevenly and from being worn on one side, ensuring that the product is evenly stressed and that the product is not deformed during ejection.


5. Decision of the position of the parting surface


The position of the parting surface will affect mold processing, exhaust, product demoulding, etc. Usually, the parting surface will leave a trace line on the product, affecting the surface quality and dimensional accuracy of the product. Therefore, when designing the position of the parting surface, in addition to taking into account issues such as product demoulding, mold processing, and exhaust, the parting surface position can be placed where the product surface quality is not high or the dimensional accuracy is not high.

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