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How to improve the life of carbide stamping dies?

Time : 2024-02-18 Hits : 4

Carbide stamping dies are necessary process equipment in the stamping production process and play a decisive role in improving product quality, extending product life, and improving production efficiency. However, since stamping molds lose working dimensions due to frequent wear during the production process, it is difficult to meet production needs. So we must improve the service life of stamping dies. So, how to improve the service life of carbide stamping dies?


1. Improve the design of stamping molds: Whether the design of stamping molds is reasonable is the basis for improving the durability of stamping molds. Therefore, when designing stamping dies, effective measures should be taken to deal with unfavorable conditions in product forming to improve the durability of the stamping dies. For example, when designing small-hole stamping dies, the lifespan is often reflected in the punch that punches small holes. When designing this type of stamping die, a small punch should be used to shorten its length as much as possible to increase strength. At the same time, guide sleeves should also be used to strengthen the small punch for protection.


2. Reasonable forging and heat treatment of stamping die parts: While selecting high-quality stamping die materials, reasonable forging and heat treatment of materials of the same material and different materials is one of the main ways to improve the durability of stamping die. For example, during quenching, if the workpiece is overheated during heating, it will not only make the workpiece too brittle, but also easily cause deformation and cracking during cooling, reducing the durability. Therefore, when manufacturing stamping dies, the heat treatment process must be properly mastered.



3. Reasonably arrange the stamping die manufacturing process and ensure processing accuracy: If the assembly gap in the punching die is uneven, under the action of shearing force, the concave die will often be damaged and the life of the stamping die will be affected. At the same time, if the surface finish of the stamping mold is too low, the durability of the stamping mold will also be reduced.



4. Correctly select stamping die materials: Different stamping die materials have different strengths, toughness and wear resistance. The use of advanced materials under certain conditions can increase durability several times. Therefore, in order to improve the durability of the stamping die, good materials must be selected.


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