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Development trends of my country's cemented carbide and tool industry

Time : 2024-03-07 Hits : 3

Carbide can generally be used to make drill bits, cutting tools, rock drilling tools, mining tools, wear-resistant parts,nozzles, motor rotors and stators, etc. It is an indispensable development material in industrial development.


However, the development of my country's tungsten carbide industry has been in a state of silence. Compared with the market development of foreign cemented carbide industries, the domestic cemented carbide market has yet to be developed. So, what are the development trends of my country's carbide and tool industry? What is the development trend of my country's cemented carbide and tool industry? Let's analyze it from different angles.


1. The overall service capabilities of domestic carbide and tool companies need to be improved.


Compared with foreign companies in the same industry, domestic carbide industry companies generally have the characteristics of single products, insufficient understanding of customer needs, or inability to respond to customer needs in a timely manner. They are unable to provide customers with overall solutions, resulting in the export of domestic companies with low-end, Mainly processed products, with insufficient international market share and low profit margins.


2. The process of industrial integration is accelerating, and the number of acquisitions in the industry is increasing.



The cemented carbide and tool industry belongs to the middle and lower reaches of the cemented carbide industry chain. Its upstream is the mining and smelting industry of metal compounds and powders such as tungsten and cobalt, and its downstream is mechanical processing, petroleum and mineral excavation, automobile manufacturing and aerospace. and other application fields.


Due to the large number of cemented carbide segmented products and the wide range of downstream applications, there have been certain barriers between various market segments for a long time. Therefore, in the subsequent development of the domestic market, companies in the industry will generally continue to develop new products. As well as mergers and acquisitions within the industrial chain to increase the market size of enterprises and enhance their competitiveness.


3. The localization of high-end cemented carbide and tools is the main direction of industry development



Our country is in a critical period of transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry, and high-end CNC tools, precision parts and molds, etc., as key industrial spare parts to improve manufacturing levels and labor efficiency, have long been dependent on imports. This requires relevant domestic enterprises to break through the technical barriers of high-end cemented carbide, and realizing the localization of high-end cemented carbide and its tools is the main direction for the development of domestic cemented carbide enterprises.


International and domestic enterprises need to focus on the systemic needs of customers, be able to provide customers with systematic and complete solutions, and timely grasp changes in actual customer needs, actively adjust product structures, strengthen supporting services, and transform from a single tool manufacturer to a comprehensive one. service provider. In order to further enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and enhance their profitability.

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