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Cemented carbide bushing’s Powder metallurgy processing technology

Time : 2024-02-29 Hits : 4

Carbide bushings have high deformation resistance and are also difficult to process. However, the powder metallurgy technology of cemented carbide can solve the processing problem of this carbide bushing, making it a liquid metal with low deformation resistance. After grinding, the carbide bushing of the required shape can be produced in one go.


This characteristic of powder metallurgy makes the processed square tungsten steel bushing have high deformation resistance and is difficult to make into the required shape. However, casting can melt the solid metal with high deformation resistance and turn it into powder metal with low deformation resistance. After entering the mold, the tungsten steel bushing of the required shape can be produced at one time. This feature of powder metallurgy cannot be imitated by other processing methods. The characteristics of the powder metallurgy process are listed below.


(1) It can be produced in a single piece or in large quantities. Compared with metal processing technology, the range of weight, size, part shape, alloy type, especially production quantity is very wide, and it is a very broad technology. In addition, the ability to make various metal parts into desired shapes is the biggest feature of man-made technology and cannot be achieved by other metal processing methods;


(2) It is not limited by the shape and weight of the parts, and can produce small parts weighing several hundred grams and large spare parts weighing several hundred kilograms;


(3) Capable of producing various shapes and quite complex precision tungsten steel bushings.



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