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Carbide nozzles for coal chemical slurry output

Time : 2023-11-13 Hits : 1

Cemented carbide nozzle is a key part and consumable part of the interface of mineral powder and slurry ejection on the operation platform of large-scale coal, mining and chemical industry, which plays a very important role in the coal chemical industry. Today, then why do you need to choose carbide material as the raw material of coal chemical slurry nozzle parts, and what are the requirements for it?


As we all know, in the coal mining industry, often encountered mineral powder, slurry and other substances, due to the mineral powder, slurry containing strong alkali, iron ore, silica-aluminum ore and limestone and other mineral components, so the requirements of alloy nozzles with excellent corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high strength and superior performance, so as to ensure that the mineral powder, slurry through the output pressure with a certain degree of quality of the powder, slurry is not contaminated and a long service life! In order to ensure the quality of mineral powder and slurry not to be contaminated and long service life when they pass through, and to enhance their performance, cemented carbide material is the right choice.




The usage of vacuum hot pressing one-time molding technology can solve the problem of forming of cemented carbide nozzles, in addition, through the design of raw material formulas, will be wear-resistant performance, high strength of the short branch of carbon fiber to join them, thus greatly improving the comprehensive performance and service life of the alloy nozzle.



Carbide nozzles for coal chemical slurry output are designed to adapt to thebadworking environment of coal chemical industry, and can easily cope with various unpredictable working conditions. The alloy nozzle for coal chemical slurry output has a broad market development prospect and has a wide range of applications in the coal chemical industry. Cemented carbide nozzles have very high corrosion and wear resistance, as well as professional surface treatment technology, which will provide quality solutions for the harsh working conditions of coal chemical industry.

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