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What is the Tungsten Carbide?

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The theoretical carbon content of tungsten carbide is 6.128% (atomic 50%). When the carbon content of tungsten carbide is greater than the theoretical carbon content, free carbon (WC+C) appears in the tungsten carbide, and the presence of free carbon makes the surrounding carbonization during sintering. Tungsten grains grow, resulting in uneven grains of cemented carbide; tungsten carbide generally requires high compound carbon (≥6.07%) free carbon (≤0.05%), and the total carbon depends on the production process and application range of cemented carbide.


The requirements of cemented carbide on the particle size of tungsten carbide WC, according to the cemented carbide for different purposes, use different particle sizes of tungsten carbide; cemented carbide cutting tools, such as cutting edge V-CUT knife, etc., the finishing alloy is made of ultra-fine Fine-grained tungsten carbide; medium-grained tungsten carbide is used for rough machining alloys; medium-coarse-grained tungsten carbide is used as raw material for gravity cutting and heavy-duty cutting alloys.

Coarse-grained tungsten carbide is used for mining tools with high rock hardness and large impact load; medium-grained tungsten carbide is used as raw material for wear-resistant parts when rock has small impact and small impact load; when its wear resistance, compression resistance and surface finish are emphasized, ultra-fine sub-fine Fine and medium grain tungsten carbide is used as raw material; impact-resistant tools are mainly made of medium and coarse grain tungsten carbide.

Storage: It should be stored in a cool and dry warehouse. During transportation, the packaging container should be kept intact and protected from rain and sunlight.

Packaging, storage and transportation: The product is packed in iron drums (plastic drums) lined with polyethylene plastic bags, and the net weight of each bag should not exceed 50kg. The words "moisture-proof" and "upward" should be displayed on the outer packaging drum. The product should be stored in a cool and dry warehouse. During transportation, pay attention to the packaging container in good condition and prevent rain and sunlight exposure.

1. It is widely used as high-speed cutting turning tools, furnace structural materials, jet engine components, metal ceramic materials, resistance heating elements, etc.
2. It is used to manufacture cutting tools, wear-resistant parts, melting crucibles for metals such as copper, cobalt and bismuth, and wear-resistant semiconductor films.
3. It is used as super hard tool material and wear-resistant material. It can form solid solutions with many carbides. WC-TiC-Co carbide tools have been widely used. It can also be used as a modified additive for NbC-C and TaC-C ternary system carbides, which can not only reduce the sintering temperature, but also maintain excellent properties, and can be used as aerospace materials.
4. Tungsten carbide (WC[9]) powder is synthesized by using tungsten anhydride (WO3) and graphite at a high temperature of 1400-1600℃ in a reducing atmosphere. Dense ceramic products can be obtained by hot pressing sintering or hot isostatic pressing sintering.

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