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Cenmented Carbide Roll Rings with High Hardness and Wear Resistance for Finishing Mills

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Customized Cenmented carbide roll rings with high wear resistance and corronsion resistance for finishing mills      

Cenmented carbide roll rings is a kind of tool material which consists of  tungsten carbide and corbide with high hardness and wear resistance. To take advantage of high wear resistance, long life and high efficiency of cemented carbide roll rings during the high speed rolling, attention should be paid as follows when purchasing and using cemented carbide roll rings. 

1. Grades Selection 
2. Roll rings installation 
3. Cooling and cooling water quality     

   Zonco are able to manufacturing all kinds of wear resistance parts based on customer's drawing and material requirement, support hardfacing process based on customer's technique requirement, since most of our products are customized and not suitable to show for other customer, welcome to contact us for OEM serivice. 

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