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Tungsten Carbide and Ss 4145 Dynamic Valve and Static Valve for Hydraulic Oscillator

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Tungsten Carbide and SS 4145 Dynamic Valve and Static Valve  for Hydraulic Oscillator   


      This products are made of static valve and dynamic valve with tungsten carbide material,used in hydraulic oscillator. Materials Grade will berecommend according to customer's working condition.        

Product Parameters:   
  1. Size : Usually according to customer's drawings      
  2. Highhardness  
  3. Good working performance    
  4. One stop customized service    

The products and technologies from Zonco and have been widely applied in the fields of oil & gas, chemical engineering, subsea, nuclear power and aerospace industries. Mainly used in harsh operating conditions include severe abrasion, erosion, corrosion, high temperature, high pressure and strong impact. 

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