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YG6/YG8/YG10 Hard Alloy Tungsten Cemented Carbide Steel Wire Drawing Dies Carbide Wear Parts

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Zonco has been specialized in the cemented tungsten carbide industry more than 10 years,and able to manufacture all kinds of tungsten carbide parts and alloy wear resisting parts based on customers' drawings and material specification requirement. welcome to contact us for more details.         

The high thermal performance of the tungsten carbide keeps the nozzle tip hot, thus allowing faster printing speed without sacrificing the quality.
Tungsten carbide has exceptional wear resistance due to its high hardness. Both the nozzle hole size and height will always stay the same, no matter how long or how hard you use it.             

Main Products Types  

1.Radial Thrust Bearing & PDC,TC Bearing   
2.Tungsten Carbide Nozzles and Teeth
3.Valve Stem/plug and seats
4.MWD & LWD Carbide Parts
5.Carbide Parts for Downhole Tools 
6.Carbide Wear Parts for Mechanical Equipments   
7.Carbide Drilling Dies
8.Carbide Buttons/Inserts 
9.Other Carbide Wear Parts used in extreme complex and severe working conditions (high temperature, strong corrosion and wear). 

Our Advantages: 

   1.  100% virgin material. 
   2.  High quality standards.        
   3.  Competitive prices with 15-30% saved or more. 
   4.  Flexible production management with faster lead time. 
   5.  Customized service based on customer's drawings or samples.        

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