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Hard Alloy Carbide Buttons Parabolic Drill Inserts for Tunnel Boring Machine

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Detailed Product Description:  

Tungsten Carbide buttons/inserts/Spherical Gear, used for drilling holes in hard rock and impact drilling;
The surfaces of the button and inserts are smooth and grooved to protect the drill bit and cone from wear during friction and the wall of the hole;
Wedge-shaped button and specially designed button shapes can be drilled in medium-soft rocks at maximum speed;
Button made according to customer drawings or standard specifications.
Using the most advanced technology in the production of carbide button, controlling crack resistance and other parameters, can provide high operating resistance of cemented carbide button during drilling. The high quality of cemented carbide allows the use of more aggressive tooth shapes to  increase the drilling speed.  

Our Advantages: 
   1.  100% virgin material. 
   2.  High quality standards.        
   3.  Competitive prices with 15-30% saved or more. 
   4.  Flexible production management with faster lead time. 
   5.  Customized service based on customer's drawings or samples.     

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